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Governor Scott Walker signed the Wisconsin Fast Forward program into law in March 2013 with the near-unanimous support of the State Legislature. Wisconsin Fast Forward helps address the state's need for skilled workers. The program created worker training grants and makes other investments to prepare workers for jobs available today and in the years to come.

Wisconsin Fast Forward will make up to $15 million in grants available to support employer-led worker training. The Department of Workforce Development's new Office of Skills Development (OSD) will administer the program.

A third component of Wisconsin Fast Forward includes resources to develop a cutting-edge labor market information system in the future. Not only will the system provide real-time labor intelligence, but it will also serve as an effective forum to connect job seekers and employers with available jobs.

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Employers, have a workforce need? Complete an inquiry and let us know.

The Job Center of Wisconsin website will make it easier for you to find a job and make career decisions.
For questions or/and comments, contact the Office of Skills Development.

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